Patch Log #78 - 11/10/19

* Items: - [Legendary] Soul Aura has been added. This item is actually considered a "Easter Egg". It can drop from something you all do together while at the same time hate doing. Happy hunting! - New Maghda gear has been added. This is now the strongest set in-game. Maghda will drop these new gears, 100%. - [Legendary] Isya Badge has been created. You can now farm the required materials in Maghda's Lair from the reward eggs. This item will equip into the right shoulder pet location. Reward Eggs also have a 35% chance to drop the new gears as well.

* Maps: - Helga, Puppet Helga, Malephar, Shadow Malephar, Chimera and Karen/Angelic Karen can now be entered at level 125 cap. - These bosses level has also been increased to 135 (no buffs. Just a level change so they drop).

* Kingdom Quest: - Slime KQ recruitment for slime coins has been pushed up an hour. That way they're not active during Bijou KQ's.

* NPCs: - Created a new custom NPC in Roumen that will now sell all custom production skills we have. They have been removed from, Pey.

* Production: - [Legendary] Isya Badge requires: - x1 Twin Kovar Ring (Red) from Puppet Helga. - x1 Fragment of Doom (Blue) from Shadow of Darkness Malephar. - x3 Flawed Red Gems. - x3 Flawed Yellow Gems. - x3 Flawed Blue Gems. = x2 Badge Tickets. Then, you use the Item Combine feature to forge your new badge! - LBK's now only need x1 of the raid boss items and legendary flame weapons instead of x2.

* Misc: - While playing the puzzle mini-game number overlays should be over the pieces now.

Patch Log #77 - 11/03/19

* Event: - Halloween event has been disabled. I hope all of you had a good time both in-game and in real life for Halloween!

* Instance Dungeons: - Possessed Avanas Pillars evasion has been nerfed. - You no longer need a ticket to enter OC. - SC normal / HC have been slightly nerfed a little more. - DDF has been slightly nerfed a little more. (Solo instances will be coming soon. They'll have the same stats as the normal party dungeons, so we've decided to nerf these ones a little more).

* Items: - 100 JC Spectre reward vault has been fixed. - Seized weapons sell prices have been increased. - Legendary Flame weapons sell prices have been increased.

* Item Mall: - Character Boost vaults have been added. They will include: - Instant level 125 (with relog required). - Full Siren's Castle set. - Siren Castle Jewels. - SA blue weapon(s) (Not the Legendary Flame ones). These vaults are tradable as well. Remember, do NOT open this vault unless you're wanting the boost and make sure it's for your desired class. You'll still have to do your JC's tho (Besides a Crusader of course). (20/60 are instant and 100 JC is easy). I cannot make it instant depending on the vault because of a vuln with skills, etc. This was one of the most desired items from our Halloween event. So, I decided to add it into our mall as well with an extra bonus. This will NOT make you stronger than a fully geared end-game character. This is just for a quick shortcut (Which you can easily do on your own without these vaults).

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