Welcome to Bright Kingdom


We are happy to annouce we're back and better than ever! But, this time around we are using more updated files compared to the previous set. Alot of the things we liked about V1 has and will be ported into this version as well. Our main focus is bringing back the nostalgic feel and game-play, while providing some fun and unique features along the way! So if you are looking for the actual Fiesta feeling and not a giant modded-to-death server, then we are the one for you!

Reasonable Rates

Currently we provide two (2) medium-rate and high-rate worlds for leveling. Casual and Hardcore. The Hardcore server is something never before seen in Fiesta and we are excited to see how it goes! Basically, the rates on that world are much greater than our medium-rate server; But, if your character dies it is gone forever. Wanna' prove you're the best? Do it in that world. The Casual world is also avaiable which has normal game-play. These servers are the exact same in terms of content and features as well.

Custom Features

We provide custom dungeon mechanics, town events, custom Job Changes (level 100), mounts, items, crafting and more!

We have [Rare], [Unique] and [Godly] versions of every blue gear set in-game. You can use the Item Combine feature to create powerful versions of those items.

We are also currently the only server to have a correctly working pet following system. You can go farm and collect between 50+ tamed pets in-game.

Premium Items

Ah, everyone's favorite. We provide MULTIPLE ways to obtain these items. Everything from NPC Perms, 7-Day CS Drops from any and every mob in-game (a total of 800+ possible items), Item Combined 15-Days to our IM items. It does not matter if you are a strictly free-to-play person, or a supporter for the server! We've got you covered.


We are always working with the community. We will generally try to release daily updates. We believe in constructive criticism and are always wanting to keep you playing our server! We are not going to just ghost you and the rest of the community and do nothing! We hate when we see servers leave it online and do nothing, trying to collect money from the Item Mall.


You and the server are our top-priority! This means that we always make sure our server is online, running securely and smoothly.

Well, what do you say?

If this server seems like your style, then we are glad to welcome you to Bright Kingdom! Please follow the navigation menu above this page to get started! See you in-game.

Bright Kingdom Staff Team